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This study summarises key qualitative findings that help in understanding young people's sexual behaviour and why they might have unsafe sex; policymakers must take these into account when designing HIV programmes.Considerable overlap exists between current studies, which indicates the need to broaden the scope of future work.When online abuse happens it is never a young person’s fault.

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It’s never their fault, the offender has committed a serious sexual crime and the images are evidence of their crime.

Since nearly half of new HIV infections worldwide occur among young people aged 15–24 years, changing sexual behaviour in this group will be crucial in tackling the pandemic.

Qualitative research is starting to reveal how social and cultural forces shape young people's sexual behaviour and can help explain why information campaigns and condom distribution programmes alone are often not enough to change it.

It can be traumatic for parents to discover that their children were having sexual conversations and were tricked into sharing sexual images or videos in the first place.

Many parents feel a range of emotions, from confusion to horror and grief. Whilst this is understandable it's important to let your child know that they are not at fault, and to work through your feelings with others so they don't get in the way of the support that your child needs from you.

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