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That is right, special agent in charge of the Boston office of the FBI. You have had experience with the FBI in most of the sections of the United States in the matter of Federal law enforcement? Torrio was arrested and so were numerous other individuals. Some time later Torrio was sentenced to serve 9 months in the Du Page County Jail and received a ,000 fine. Up until 1941 his name appeared as one of the stock-holders of some of the dog tracks down there. The stock is in his son's name at the present time, James Patton ; and Robert Larry Mc Cullough, for example, whom I mentioned here, has been the chief of police of the Miami Beach Kennel Club down there to help them maintain law and order, I guess. Federal judge to 8 months in jail for contempt of court.

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There was a considerable amount of violence, and Frank Capone, a brother of Al, was killed during a gun battle between the hoodlums and the police. The vendor of the gun testified that he had sold a machine gun to Edward J. As early as 1932 Joe Adonis, Frank Erickson, and others were promoting a big sweepstakes operation. Charles Fischetti is one of the most important members of the syndicate at the present time. His first employment upon coming to Chicago was that of a waiter in a coffee shop on Halstead Street and later as a waiter in a restaurant on Wabash Avenue near Harrison, where Frank Nitti and other hoodlums frequently gathered. Capezio's wife Marie is the sister of Frank Nitti, former head of the Capone mob. Valentine's Day Massacre in Chicago in 1929 and was also a suspect of the murder of Mike De Pike Heitler. For the past 20 or 25 years Capezio has been a friend of Claude Maddox, an important syndicate member who has operated primarily in Cicero, Ill. Peterson, how long have you been operating director of the Chicago Crime Commission ? Many of the group of course were big-time operators in the field of gambling. Getting back to the Capone syndicate, I think it might be important briefly to give you a brief background of some of these individuals who are now the leaders of the Capone syndicate. It is claimed that he served in the Italian Army during the First World War. That was in testimony before the Hoffman committee. Lahey said that Heeney testified that "Little New York" Campagna got 60 percent out of this joint I mentioned and Corngold got 15 percent. He is about 47 years of age and resides with his wife, Marie Capezio at the above address. My recollection is that Campagna's wife is also a part owner of that shop. He is also allegedly owner of a cocktail lounge and there have also been allegations, which have not been proved, that he has an interest in a currency exchange. Arrested in this raid were John Patton, Robert Larris Mc Cullough, Joe Fusco, Frank Nitti, and others. Peterson, some of the names that you have just mentioned are still operating; are they not? The operation of the gang has been extended to many places in the United States, and important alliances have been made from time to time with the powerful underworld leaders in other parts of the country, particularly with members of the so-called Frank Costello gang in New York. Peterson, I think we will interrupt your statement at this point. the same day.) AFTERNOON SESSION (The committee reconvened at 2: 30 p. pursuant to the taking of the noon recess.) The CHAIRMAN. He was frequently referred to as the master mind of the underworld. Peterson, at that point, that is a statement of fact, and how do you know that ? Kastel, incidentally, was also a friend of Nickie Arnstein. Dailey & Son, Ltd., holding company of William Whitely & Co., distillers. On April 7, 1925, the press reported a raid on the headquarters of the Torrio-Capone gang, which was then located at 2146 South Michigan Boulevard. Nitti, of course, has committed suicide, and John Patton, of course, is an old man, but these other people that I am mentioning most of themare active today. Numerous others have grown to power and have become influential within the organization. Peterson, will you continue with your testimony, please? PETERSON, OPERATING DIRECTOR, CHICAGO CRIME COMMISSION, REPRESENTING THE AMERICAN MUNICIPAL ASSOCIATION Mr. In the early 1920's while the Torrio-Capone organization was flourishing in Chicago, the principal underworld leader in New York City was Arnold Rothstein. Until 1921 Kastel had operated a bucket shop under the name of Dillon & Co., which it was claimed resulted in swindling clients out of approximately a half million dollars. When Kastel came out of prison he became a partner and associate of Frank Costello.

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