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Made from harmless plastic, the same material used in baby bottles, disposable diapers and food boxes.This song would later be sampled by DJ Premier on Just-Ice’s “Just Rhymin' with Kane” and by Eminem on “Berzerk”.The guy who probably blabbed his way out of a career and a lot of opportunities to get laid may have found another willing date.Unlike his previous conquests, his latest isn’t likely to care if he talks smack about her.I'm sure there were other guys around who pushed and promoted that to happen.I hope the same for the ladies, if given a space where there's an altercation that's able to be worked out."Advice To One's Younger Self"I'd tell myself, 'Don't be afraid to ask questions.

Back in those days, when something came on television you had to catch it in that moment. I was like, 'Don't worry about it.' I went to a part of Jersey where she lived [and] met her.""She was this young girl. She had all this knowledge.""After I met her, right on the spot I decided, 'She's the one right there. I told her parents, 'I'm going to make your daughter a star.' I felt like it was magic."The Making of "Blunted on Reality""We were young kids. We felt like we wanted to do something that can inspire people. I grew up listening to pop-rock because that's what my mom let us listen openly. When we got to making the first album, I felt like I was back in school. You have to put your stakes in and say, 'I have to come at you some point.'"That was then.

Check out their go-to junk food that they secretly LOVE.

Things backfire when Tee Tee confesses to Kristinia for spreading rumors; verbal blows are thrown.

She had this innocence about her, but it was genuine. Let's make it happen.' She said, 'I love the opportunity but before I can say yes, I would like for you to meet my mom and her dad.' I think she was only 11-years-old. Now there are MCs who can go at one another lyrically, and it's respected as just that.

You can tell she was a beast; She was that girl that was emerged with talent. But then when it comes out of the record, it's when it becomes an issue.

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