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We could say that the modal voter is a person who is of average age, educational level, and income in the population.But, it's not clear that using the averages of these is the fairest (consider the skewed distribution of income, for instance).(You don't really believe that psychologists use college students because they believe they're representative of the population at large, do you? In clinical practice,we might use clients who are available to us as our sample.In many research contexts, we sample simply by asking for volunteers.There are a number of problems with this sampling approach.First, how do we know what the "typical" or "modal" case is?

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Expert sampling involves the assembling of a sample of persons with known or demonstrable experience and expertise in some area.

Often, we convene such a sample under the auspices of a "panel of experts." There are actually two reasons you might do expert sampling.

First, because it would be the best way to elicit the views of persons who have specific expertise.

In general, researchers prefer probabilistic or random sampling methods over nonprobabilistic ones, and consider them to be more accurate and rigorous.

However, in applied social research there may be circumstances where it is not feasible, practical or theoretically sensible to do random sampling.

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