Men dating jealousy

I get asked about this a lot, and usually it’s because she feels like her man is pulling away and losing interest in her, and she’s desperately trying anything she can to pull him back.The bad news is that once a guy really is pulling away from you there’s a very short window to stop him or he’ll be gone forever.In fact, it could cause so much damage that it’ll end your entire relationship or kill your shot of having a relationship with him because it will come off the wrong way and it’ll be obvious that you were intentionally trying to play a mind game with him.I’m not saying you are playing a mind game with him, but this is how he will perceive it if you go about this the wrong way.However, it’s not the way I would choose to attract a man’s attention and love.There are much better ways to attract a man and make him chase you than making him jealous.Making a man jealous might give you some short term satisfaction but will not lead to long-term success unless you also shift your mindset to looking for a truly compatible match rather than someone you feel the need to “make jealous.” Making a man jealous is not going to necessarily lead to having the success you want in relationships…

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You can use the above tips that apply but I want to give you a few specific pointers to make sure you know what to do if you really want to drive him nuts.That’s why it’s important to remember: use these methods with extreme caution and be warned…He might end up becoming extremely possessive, calling you too many times and even demanding to know who you’re talking to and who certain guys are in your life.Making a man jealous can end up in a total train wreck of a situation.And I mean a total fiasco debacle of the century where you end up bringing out his worst side, making him act out of control, become unbearably possessive and accusatory.

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