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Although, part of the reason they're not intended to be published is that one is a super-short experimental game with a ton of hacks, and the other is depressing enough that I think people would regret paying for it...

How can you tell if that feeling you’ve never felt before is really love?In response she uses her touch to heal your brokeness, insecurity and fear.She reciprocates your pursuit in a way that speaks both passion and desire and doesn’t leave you questioning her love. Her Life Has Direction She is a woman who knows where she is going and what she wants out of life and isn’t looking for a relationship or a marriage to give her that identity or direction.Eventually in a marriage covenant she is the type of woman who uses the power of her sexuality to heal.She allows the power of your masculinity to consume her, to penetrate her at the deepest level.

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    You can’t blame their opportunistic girlfriends for closing the deal as soon as they can. And a divorce due to infidelity is going to REALLY cost them.

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    Who really is privy to my complicated relationship with my appearance? Out of everyone, my grandmother grasps it the best.

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    Though foreign invaders were disappointed by the region’s relative lack of silver and gold, the Maya took advantage of the area’s many natural resources, including limestone (for construction), the volcanic rock obsidian (for tools and weapons) and salt.