Ideas for updating wood paneling

The unfortunate news is that these products don’t exist and many of the ones that claim to be such are actually wolves in sheep’s clothing. It’s no wonder that folks look to “solutions” like vinyl or aluminum siding to “protect” their home’s exterior.

On the first floor Pros: Near where most other house-keeping chores take place.With front loaders placed side by side, consider installing a counter on top of the machines to save space.Consider these measurements before hooking up machines or adding built-in storage to keep your laundry room looking—and working—its best.For help updating yours, check out our expert advice on everything from energy-wise machines and thrifty flooring options to the best labor-saving layout and how to safeguard the house from a potential flood or fire. But many homeowners who can spare the space and expense prefer to have the laundry closer to bedrooms or the kitchen. On an upper floor Pros: Proximity to where dirty clothes are shed lessens schlepping distance with hampers.Can tap into existing plumbing lines if in or near a bathroom.

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