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Then there is the talk of creating a gas equivalent to the oil-exporters' cartel.On April 9th Russia joined other gas producers in Qatar to discuss the possibility, and offered to lead a study into gas pricing. With almost 60% of the world's gas concentrated in just three countries —Russia, Iran and Qatar—the notion of a cartel sounds appealing.

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We want to be the biggest energy company in the world,” Alexander Medvedev, Gazprom's deputy head, has said of his company's modest ambition.we negotiate on the rules, whereas Russia wants to do deals.” The deals are coming thick and fast.Last month, Russia secured one to build an oil pipeline from Bulgaria to Greece that will bypass the Bosporus.But a study by Sweden's Defence Research Agency concludes that it will divide the and increase dependence on Russia.It will let the Kremlin turn off gas supplies to Ukraine, Poland and Belarus without affecting “more important” customers. The pipeline will increase the flow of gas to Germany and hook in countries that do not yet consume much Russian gas, including the Netherlands and Britain.

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