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So you see it may not be Targets fault, the vendor is the one who has to bring it in.

So write to the maker to get into the Target stores and see what they say.

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Not only because of the atmosphere you create in each one of your stores, but also because of what you guys stand for as a company!

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Its time to get some new people in there who actually want to work as a team and not put others down. Wet things were open and the entire order was wet and unusable.

Evidently Target doesn’t know the meaning of the word ALL.

The sign should have read that all Xbox & PS games are buy 2 get 1 Free. I would greatly appreciate it if Target would honor this deal.

Communication was lousy, a shipping label wasn’t even created until the day you had claimed I would receive the item. Upon opening the box I could see the product box had been re-sealed after having been opened; this was obviously not a factory seal. I got a mail from a strange address and name as “”Jay Briggs” ” and asked me to “CONFIRM BY VISITING THE LINK BELOW: .

I opened the box and could see this was not factory packaging by any means either, and there was a scratch on the top of the unit. I visited your store at Waxahachie and bought your Green&Black’s pure milk chocolate / sea salt for 4 pieces. Was that from your company or from an invader to the internet? Reply Just came back from visiting the Johnson City, Tennessee store.

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