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Meg suggested there might be some opportunity costs associated with pet ownership.“Many of my coworkers have to take long lunches and frequently miss office happy hours to go home and walk their dogs.

I also see people in suits frantically walking their dogs in the morning by my building, late for work.

Since we first published this breakdown, animal-loving readers had some passionate opinions about the subject.

When we thought we might lose him, we would have paid to make him better. But between his medication and time in the pet hospital, the illness cost us several thousand dollars.

I’m kind of just assuming this will keep happening every year or so, and set aside 0 or so to cover it.”We’ve also had to pay for either a kennel or similar service when we go on vacations.

I guess that’s somewhat expected, but in a given year, it’s hard to budget for that. Like a lot of things, the costs of pet ownership are unpredictable.

Another reader, Amy, said she is part of the “frequent buyer” program at her pet store, so she is able to get the tenth bag of dog or cat food for free.

On the other hand, some readers pointed out there are occasional surprise costs associated with pets—and not a good kind of surprise.

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