Does updating drivers help

Regardless of how these messages show up, they are all scams.

The scam notices typically say that your computer’s hardware drivers are out of date, which could lead to serious problems unless they are updated.

Not all sections of this article will apply to each issue.

Review the entire article, and follow the suggestions that apply or have not been attempted.

Heat & Ventilation: An excess amount of heat in a system can be a cause of a game's crash, hang or less than expected performance.

To download the application, go here.​ Game P​atches: Have you installed patches the developers released for their game?

Game patches often address known issues as they are uncovered in previous versions.

Now the driver update has completed and you have restarted your PC you are all set to go!

If after updating your drivers you're still having Display or FPS issues, I'd suggest checking our Recommended Specifications Page so you can check what performance you should expect from your system when playing Rune Scape.

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