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“Now, as a public servant, I hold myself to a higher standard, and I will work every day to better the lives of all Americans.” Mr Obama was a particular target for the messages, which echoed the bogus claims by so-called ‘Birthers’, once led by Donald Trump, that the Democrat was not born in the United States and was therefore not entitled to be US President.

“I think Obama was given his mission in Tehran long ago, and it suits him just fine.

Previously Mr Bradford caused controversy when he wrote an article claiming some academics who criticised US foreign policy were Islamist Fifth Columnists who could be treated as “unlawful combatants” and subjected to “coercive interrogation, trial, and imprisonment”.

, Mr Bradford, who previously was the attorney general of the Chiricahua Apache Nation, admitted the account was his and said he regretted the remarks.

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"He came in with his agent and his family, and their table was right beside ours.“Cloaca members are thus combatants who, like all other combatants, can be targeted at any time and place and captured and detained until termination of hostilities.“As unlawful combatants for failure to wear the distinctive insignia of a party, Cloaca propagandists are subject to coercive interrogation, trial, and imprisonment.” Law schools and journalists who helped propagate the academics’ views were also “lawful targets given the causal connection between the content disseminated and Islamist crimes incited”.Ilkay Gundogan headed Pep Guardiola's side into the lead following a clever delivery form Leroy Sane.Tempers were flaring at the Etihad, as moments later Kevin De Bruyne was caught shouting in the linesman's face.

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