Alphadating ru

It makes me hunt for mistakes, hunt for imperfections.

Being a perfectionist is not the same as wanting to deliver high-quality work.

Kirk orders return fire, but the ship's weapon energy is simply absorbed by the object.

I’m scared of making mistakes, scared of failing and I’m scared of being scared.

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Suddenly, the Enterprises shields activate when a meter-long cylindrical object attacks the ship with an energy bolt equivalent to 90 photon torpedoes.

Patients with abnormal MSAFP need to undergo detailed obstetric ultrasonography.

Typically, MSAFP is measured in the beginning of the second trimester (14–16 weeks).

Abnormally elevated AFP in the serum of a pregnant woman can have one or more of these sources: Usual follow-up steps include (1) a prenatal ultrasound exam to look for fetal abnormalities and/or (2) measurement of AFP in amniotic fluid obtained via amniocentesis.

Maternal serum AFP (MSAFP) varies by orders of magnitude during the course of a normal pregnancy.

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