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A meta-analysis conducted by Aos and colleagues (2001) showed that “Scared Straight” and similar programs produced substantial increases in recidivism (chronic relapse into crime). Scientifically Unsupported and Supported Interventions for Childhood Psychopathology: A Summary.Evidence indicates that “Scared Straight” and similar programs are simply not effective in deterring criminal activity. Petrosino and colleagues (2002) investigated “the effects of programmes comprising organised visits to prisons by juvenile delinquents (officially adjudicated or convicted by a juvenile court) or pre-delinquents (children in trouble but not officially adjudicated as delinquents), aimed at deterring them from criminal activity.”The selection criteria for the research they reviewed were: Nine trials met the criteria for the study.The researchers’ results indicated “the [Scared Straight] intervention to be more harmful than doing nothing.These programs are popular in many areas of the world.The basic premise of these programs are that juveniles who see what prison is like will be deterred from future violations of the law — in other words, “scared straight.” “Scared Straight” emphasizes severity of punishment, but neglects two other key components of deterrence theory — certainty and swiftness (Mears, 2007).

So, pay attention as you cruise the river for rise forms.— Lilienfeld et al, 2010, p.225‘Scared Straight’ is a program designed to deter juvenile participants from future criminal offenses.Participants visit inmates, observe first-hand prison life and have interaction with adult inmates.that quite a bit of water is set aside as fly fishing only, catch-and-release, with special closures and regulations designed to help ensure that the fishing around here will stay good for generations.The Fly Shop staff will custom-tailor the day and guide to your ability and interests, putting you on the best local water.

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