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This is the quickest and simplest method to get you going.

The information on how to do this will be in the manual that came with your modem.

Make sure you do not have a security system, or, if you do, that it has a central splitter installed before it goes into the security system.

Make sure that you do not have Foxtel digital installed on the ADSL line or make sure it is filtered. If you are in doubt unplug all the phones and see if your WAN link goes solid If you still have a problem you can visit our forums, our staff monitor these forums and are there to help you. You can log into your member's page to configure your email.

After thoroughly reading through our support FAQ, send an email ( click here) stating your exact error message, and, if you are an existing user, the time of failure and we will log a help desk call for a technician to contact you.

I know I have a connection because the two computers are flashing in my system tray but I can't get out to the internet...why?

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Re-read the Troubleshooting guide at the end of your order confirmation.We will attend to your email as quickly as possible and log a call for the issue.One of our technicians will contact you ASAP regarding it (note: Depending of the severity of the problem, a reply on the same day as submission is not always possible).Your LAN settings still have the IP address and/or Name Server addresses of your previous ISP. Send an email to ( click here) and we will investigate it. Other traffic on your link, such as if you are using peer-2-peer programs, downloading, accessing multimedia sites or having several users using the Internet at the same time will slow down your connection.Go into the LAN - TCP/IP configuration and change them to the aa Net settings (Auto detect is the best option if you are unsure) You have manually set the WAN IP address of your modem. My ADSL service is connected but the speed is not correct.

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